Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Desert landscape vase. High fired. Underglazes.

Russian nuclear submarine, yet to be attacked by giant octopus. Raku fired.

Penguin kayaking and drinking from beer-dispensing helmet. Raku fired.

Frog Flies Phantasm. Raku fired.

Frog Flies Phantasm. Raku fired.

Mmmm, sushi. Fountain. Stoneware, high fired. Inspired by Ray Harryhausen.

Birth of Lottie (a Boston terrier); fountain, stoneware, high fired.

Frog fountain. Stoneware. High fired.

El Surrealismo. Signature move: A Bad Trip. Lucha Libre Collection. Raku fired.

Ruy "Mad Dog" Lopez. Signature move: Fried Liver Attack. Lucha Libre Collection. Raku fired.

Teapot, stoneware, high fire.

Salmon teapot, stoneware, high fire.

Traffic I. Stoneware. Raku fired.

Traffic II. Stoneware. Raku fired.

Bowl, stoneware, raku fired.

Submarine under attack, stoneware, raku fired.

Bowl, stoneware, raku fired.

Canopic Jar, stoneware, raku fired.

Coral sculpture, stoneware, raku fired, height: 31 inches.

Ceramic chess set, stoneware, raku fired, complete set: 32 pieces, tiles are 8 inches x 8 inches, tallest piece is 18 inches. 2001-2006.

Black bishop, chess set.

White bishop, chess set.

White knight, chess set.

White queen, chess set.

Black castle, chess set.

Black knight, chess set.

Ceramic luchadores masks; various characters; stoneware; raku fired. 2006-2007

Luchador: Grumpy Old Man. Signature move: Whipper Snapper.

Luchador: Canadian Devil. Signature move: Canuckle Sandwich.

Luchador: Silhouette. Signature move: Wet Willy.

Luchador: Octopus Man. Signature move: Calamari Crush.

Luchador: Green Viper. Signature move: Strangulation hold.

Luchador: Copperhead. Signature move: Double Knife Hand Strike.

Luchador: Zombie Zach. Signature move: Zombie Death Grip.

Luchador: Second Cousin of Blue Demon's Nephew (sponsored by Los Betos Mexican Food). Signature move: Flying head butt.

Luchador: Road Kill. Signature move: The Steam Rolller. On display at Tucson Museum of Art Fall Fair 2008.